" So - how do I adopt one of your dolls? " I hear you ask..

well for the most part when I have a dolly ready to find a new home

I will create a drawing style listing in my shop, this will be left open for at least 24 hours or so to allow those from all timezones a chance to enter, after which the site will draw a name at random. From time to time I will have dolls available through my blog, so be sure to follow and sign up for my newsletter to stay up to date.

Creating custom dolls is a special process, I really enjoy getting to know a new adoptive family and working out who to make for them.

Sharing stories, photographs, snippets of fabric and maybe a cup of tea ( it is so wonderful when I do get the chance to host a dolly teaparty ) is all part of the fun! Crafting a doll will typically take 40 or more hours of work over several months in order to allow me to give them the attention and detail they call for.


Whilst working to realise anothers vision of a doll is hugely rewarding, I do find it important to leave a little breathing space for my own interpretations and for a dolly to follow their own path ( they almost always find ways to tell me who they should be! ) This freedom to express a small part of myself through my craft - with you in mind is what inspires me to keep stitching long into the night, and wake up with dollys on my mind!

Sadly the number of custom dolls I can comit to is limited, but if you would like to create a doll with me, please do get in touch to discus your ideas


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