Creating dolls and puppets to tell stories, capture a moment or simply enjoy the childhood joy of makebelieve has become a inspiriting form of expression for me. Through wholesome, humble natural materials like wool and cotton - dolls emerge brimming with fresh personality,

each unique as a real child!

It's an enchanting thing to watch a doll take shape before me, a small magic I will surely never tire of!




Hi - My name is Scarlett,

mama at the Ladybird Doll Studio.

I live with my family on the edge of Dartmoor in England, a place of loney tors,

windswept woodlands and a thriving culture of folktale and legend.


I enjoy the gentle pace of our life here, discovering age old crafts, my hands slowly learning the skills of generations of women before me. Through my dolly world I can be designer, spinner of yarns ( and tall tales perhaps!) dyer, sculpter, knitter, seamstress, photographer - all manner of wonderful things!






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